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    Coinbase sponsorships

    Coinbase.login has become a shirt sponsor for the Esports team, Evil Geniuses, to get exposure in another rapidly growing industry in recent months. But more importantly, newfound commercial links with well-respected businesses such as PayPal, Google, and Apple are set to benefit Coinbase as partnerships with these establishments will help the company bring more credibility to its brand awareness.

    Customers in the U.S. can now use the company’s branded debit card in Google and Apple wallet applications for payments. Card-carrying members can add the Coinbase Card to digital wallets via Google Pay, the Apple Wallet, or the Coinbase apps.

    The Delaware-based digital brokerage states it will automatically convert the digital currencies to U.S. dollars and transfer the funds to the user’s Coinbase Card for everyday purchases, such as grocery store shopping and ATM withdrawals. So on that account, Coinbase is normalizing itself in the daily life of the consumer.

    Institutional crypto purchases

    The U.S.- based crypto exchange has been aiding corporate America to invest in Bitcoin.

    Coinbase facilitated institutional crypto purchases for companies such as Tesla and MicroStrategy. In addition, the more well-known deep-pocketed corporate clientele are beginning to use the platform’s institutional trading arm.

    Furthermore, the platform now has more than five Fortune 500 firms as clients. This illustrates that known companies trust Coinbase with their money, and more substantial investments are predicted to come.

    At present, Coinbase has 7,000 institutional investors using the company’s platform.


    Trusted and well known for its strict token onboarding policies; hence, Coinbase only crypto projects that pertain to the incorporation policies and requirements can expect to feature on the platform.

    Coinbase institutional’s introduction of Coinbase-login Prime strives to offer the highest quality services for those investors who want to engage in the digital assets sector.

    Technological breakthroughs the platform expects to offer include:

    • Advanced trading capabilities;
    • Data analytics;
    • Crypto transfers between cold storage and trading balance;
    • Algorithms that minimize market slippage.

    To recapitulate, a vast user base of 43 million has put their faith and trust in a platform that has been tirelessly deploying tools to make their platform more inviting to institutions and retail investors. Thus far, the U.S. based company has sustained these high standards by:

    • Safeguarding cybersecurity measures;
    • Implementing the latest solutions in technology;
    • Upholding a highly regulated platform to the highest standard in regulation;
    • Insuring clients’ funds, encrypting all key facets, and protecting customer data.

    Therefore, Coinbase is safe and secure to engage with digital assets for both retail and institutional investors.

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